Thomas Pine

BSc (Hons). Cert Crim. PgC HE. FICDDS. MIEM. ABCI. MEPS.

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Job title: Senior Lecturer in Disaster Management

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Tom Pine is Senior Lecturer in Disaster Management at the Civil Emergency Management Centre, University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom where he teaches and co-ordinates the practitioner based postgraduate Emergency Management and Planning Programme targeted at middle managers from the emergency services, government, industry, NGOs and the military.

A former senior officer at Scotland Yard with thirty two years service, his last post was unit commander of the marine police unit covering the River Thames and the Port. The marine unit provides counter-terrorism and search and rescue (SAR) capabilities and is also responsible for ‘special’ environments such as sewers/confined spaces, reservoirs, rope access, and flood rescue.

Before that he was head of the contingency planning unit at Scotland Yard preparing pan-London and national contingency plans for war, terrorism, civil disorder, disasters, industrial action and business continuity.

A significant responsibility was the emergency response to disasters eg. train crashes, Seveso sites, and the consequence management of terrorist attacks. Although this response was co-ordinated by police it involved personnel and resources from the utilities, transport companies, local authorities, military, as well as the range of emergency services, all working closely together. Subject to minor revisions those plans and procedures are still in use today.

This multi-agency co-ordination of emergency managers remains a research interest and a major component of his teaching, especially the need to equip those who find themselves managing crises with appropriate education and skills in the light of the new challenges from the environment and terrorism.

Tom is also an EU ‘short-term technical expert’ and recently completed an EU project on risk communication and the cross-border management of flooding and similar emergencies in a number of countries. He has particular experience in multi-agency institution building and integrated border management in the enlarged EU eg. Estonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Egypt.

He is an occasional Expert Witness in litigation involving contingency planning and extreme health and safety issues, and advisor to the print, TV and radio media.

Tom also undertakes projects with commercial consultants in related areas of his expertise. These projects have ranged from crisis management in conventional organisations to unique projects such as the Volvo (Round-the-World) Ocean Race and the Euro 2000 football tournament.

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